Cat S5 Trackers

Cat S5 Trackers

Browse our range of Category S5 trackers. A tracker’s category is determined by Thatcham, a research body devoted to vehicle security systems. Most category S5 offers ADR. ADR means Automatic Driver Recognition and it uses tags on a keyring to confirm that a driver is allowed to use the vehicle. If someone without the tag on their keys tries to move the car, an alarm triggers. Category S5 trackers are considered a more advanced option versus Category S7.

We can help you to select the ideal tracker for your vehicle. The Tracker Team has years of experience installing trackers in cars throughout the country. We can therefore advise on additional features that might prove useful like European coverage or remote immobilisation. If cost is a concern, we offer financing of 0% for four months to help you reach your security goals easier. Lastly, all of our prices include fitting and VAT as standard.

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