Cat S7 Trackers

Insurance Approved Cat S7 Trackers

Browse our range of Category S7 trackers. A tracker’s category is determined by Thatcham, a research body devoted to vehicle security systems. Different to category S5, S7 trackers are often required by insurers on high-value vehicles. In general, a €70k private vehicle or €50k fleet one will require an S7 tracker. An S7 tracker is characterised by a lack of ADR. ADR stands for Automatic Driver Recognition, essentially if the person attempting to control the vehicle is authorised to do so. The system knows if a driver is permitted through little tags, usually kept on their keyring. Offered on S5 trackers, any access from an unapproved driver would trigger the S5 system to alert. ADR is a very desirable feature, but even without ADR, a Cat S7 is still a competent security system.

If you’re unsure which type of tracker is best for you, please reach out to our helpful Tracker Team. We’ve installed thousands of Cat S5 and Cat S7 trackers across the country. That means we have a wealth of experience with Category S7 trackers to aid you with any query. As always, our Category S7 trackers are priced inclusive of VAT and with full installation covered too. For those that wish to spread out payments, our 0% finance package over four months may offer an attractive option.

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